Coming Up With Winning Dissertation Topics: 12 Catchy Ideas

The process of writing a dissertation is a rather arduous one. It can be exhausting in terms of the amount of creativity, research and hard work it may require. Ideally, it takes several months, if not more, to complete it. And one of the most difficult parts of this process is choosing the title topic itself. Here, you will find some ideas that you can use for your own piece of work:

Computer Science

  • The role of software testing in the software development process: a comprehensive analysis of each process with the causal analysis of each single step on the others.
  • Comparison of sorting algorithms on the basis of their performance in particular cases: the best average time-space complexity sorting algorithms for the worst-case scenarios.
  • A review of the history of programming languages: the development of programming languages from their inception to the form in which they are used today; the models of grammar used for designing programming languages; the best programming languages written with the use of the most rudimentary compliers.


  • The implications of change of national policy on family welfare and its implications on the stock market.
  • Analysis of the war on terror on the spending trends of low and medium income families in suburban areas.
  • The use of Nash equilibrium in the analysis of takeover bids by multi billion dollar companies.


  • The varying dialects of Hindi language within the span of a 50-kilometer radius around major Indian metropolitan cities.
  • The nature and origins of the modern linguistic trends: how the modern major colloquialisms have their roots set in antiquated euphemism.
  • The constant evolution of spoken languages and the relation between the resistance of a language to evolution or changing trends and its extinction in the long term.


  • Multiple Policies for a Sustainable long term national Food System: Issues of Governance in a Corporate-Led Capitalistic Archetypal class of Food System Localization and the burden of the people
  • Examining and determining the different ways and amendments through which a school system itself can narrow the gap in education outcomes for vulnerable groups by the minimal use of resources
  • The Individual-Institutional Opportunity Nexus: Inspecting Collaboration, Purposefulness and Prospect in Rural Free enterprise Progress