How to Manage a Dissertation When the Time is Running out – 5 Top Tips

The number one piece of advice any student can take when time is running out to complete their dissertation is to not panic. It is easy to panic because the deadline is so close. The simple truth is that a student who is in panic mode will never produce a dissertation which will earn a very high mark.

So here are some practical steps you can take to ensure you not only finish your dissertation on-time but that it is well-written and likely to score very highly.

  • have a plan
  • what is the question?
  • find a suitable environment
  • allow for revision
  • double check your thesis statement

Have a plan

Do not start typing or writing immediately. In fact the more you plan and the better you plan the easier it will be your writing of the actual dissertation. Think logically. On a piece of paper make a list of the days and times you have available before the deadline. In each of these sections, write what you plan to do. For example it could be that in in time A, you will write the thesis statement. So then you are looking at a total plan of what you will do and when. Stick to this plan and you will achieve your goal.

Answer the question

So many students fail or get a poor mark because they do not address the question being asked. It's not a bad idea to actually write the question on a large piece of paper and place it where you can see it at all times.

Find a suitable environment

You are never going to study well or write a dissertation well unless you are in a place conducive to study. The pressure is on because you have a looming deadline and you need to give yourself every possible advantage. One of those advantages is a quiet area in which to work -- no distractions.

You must revise

Not even the greatest student in the world will produce a perfect dissertation first time. By all means write as freely and as expansively as you like. But once you finish your dissertation you must, repeat must revise your work. Editing or polishing your dissertation is almost as important as creating it in the first place.

Check that thesis statement

Remember this is a précis, a mini summary of what is to follow. Is the thesis statement true? Is it an accurate description of what you have written in greater detail?

If you have all of the above points in place, you can still be a successful dissertation writer despite having a looming deadline.