Hiring a Dissertation Writer: How to Choose a Good One?

The decision to hire a dissertation writer requires a thorough background check. When you decide to use the services of a reputable custom writing company, it suggests certain candidates to accomplish the task. You may choose the most decent ones from the list, or even look for some others on its website. In any case, you should be very careful not to hire a dilettante. Here is a list of characteristics you should keep in mind when choosing your dissertation writer:

  1. Qualifications.
  2. Check if the writer has an advanced degree in the field of your research. If not a doctorate, it should be at least a master’s degree.

  3. Experience.
  4. Your writer should have some experience in the field of research. Moreover, he or she should be proficient in academic writing. He or she doesn’t have to necessarily have experience in dissertations, but lots of other types of academic papers are welcome. Ask for some available samples; check the language, sentence structure, and formatting.

  5. Consideration for clients’ needs.
  6. Pay attention to how fast you receive a response to your inquiry. If you get prompt answers to all your questions, you are likely dealing with a responsible person. Check if your participation in the research and writing processes is anticipated. Will all your remarks and objections be taken into consideration?

  7. The assurance of confidentiality.
  8. You should be guaranteed that the real authorship of your dissertation will be kept in secret.

  9. The assurance of uniqueness and originality.
  10. You should be provided with guarantees that the content of your dissertation will be completely plagiarism-free. All citations and background information that are taken from the other scientific sources should be properly referenced.

  11. The ability to meet the established timelines.
  12. A good writer will always agree to meet the deadline. However, remember that it should be reasonable. To write a dissertation from scratch, at least a month or two are needed. If there is only a week to complete your paper, you should help with the research or provide some materials and sources. It is suspicious if the writer agrees to accomplish such a serious task in a short period of time; in such a case, this piece of writing will be of poor quality.

  13. Cost.
  14. How much do the writer’s services cost? The dissertation, which is completed by the professional author, won’t be cheap. Compare the prices of different custom writing companies and find out what the common price for this sort of work is.