Creating a Dissertation in the APA Writing Style

If you are asked to write a dissertation and it needs to be presented in the APA or American Psychological Association style then there is some good news. The first is that it is the most popular or the most commonly used style for the presentation of essays and dissertations and particularly if you're working in the field of social sciences.

The APA style or guidelines are freely available. That's another piece of good news. There is even an e-book which gives you both a history of the creation of the APA style and of course the many components which you need to understand to present your dissertation accordingly. If you're looking for free advice then the number of websites which provide you with precise details are easy to find with a simple search for APA writing style.

There are basically two areas for the APA style

The first area is what might be termed the technical aspects and here we are dealing with page numbering, title page, margins and typefaces and page headers. The second area is listed towards the end of your dissertation and is the creation of your references section.

You will know that the dissertation is a lengthy piece of prose and that you will spend a great deal of time researching the topic when you take notes and finally write your dissertation. The people reading your work will not only look to the information and the way in which you have explained it, but they will also look at the source of your material.

If you fail to read widely then the section for the citation of references will be slim pickings indeed. If you do read widely but include irrelevant resource material, then that will help neither the actual writing of your dissertation or the sources you quote in your reference section. So you need to read widely but wisely. And having done so you then need to know the APA rules and guidelines for the citation of references.

There are other sections within your dissertation including the abstract. Again so much of what you write and how you write will be determined by your academic institution and your teacher or professor in particular. But because they have stipulated that you must use the APA writing style then you must learn the various rules and steps to follow.