Academic Writing Solutions: Discovering Catchy Journalism Dissertation Ideas

With the vast expansion of media via the Internet, the world of journalism has changed drastically. A person can now sign on to the computer and get instant news. You no longer have to wait for the paper to be delivered or for your monthly magazine to arrive. However, the print world, though modified greatly, does still exist. Newspapers still deliver and magazines are still sent through the mail, but most publications also have the online website. As you look to write your dissertation, you will want to include the history of the writing and journalism industry, as well as note the new innovations in the field. As you pick your topic, consider using some of the ideas listed below-

Journalism Dissertation Ideas

  • Dying for Your Job-With the recent deaths of journalists captured by members of ISIS, the job of an international journalist is more dangerous than ever. Explore those people who have died in the field in an attempt to bring the story to his or her readers. You can go all the way back to Ancient Greek to begin this dissertation.
  • The Media and the Public-Explore the rhetoric and how it can sway the public to believe something that might not necessarily be true. You should look at just how much control over the public a journalist has by studying stories from the past.
  • The Pulitzer Prize-Research this prestigious award and those who have won the award in the past.
  • Lying to Get the Story-Unfortunately, some journalists have lied about a story or about themselves in an attempt to get or to make up a story. Decide how far is too far and write about this situation in journalism.
  • The Right and the Left Sides of Journalism-It seems as if a newspaper is either geared toward the liberal or the conservative side. What happened to being in the neutral zone while reporting the news? Explore this alarming trend and where and how it began.
  • The Print Papers That Have Survived- Some papers have shutdown due to the Internet and others are going strongly. Research and investigate those that continue in an attempt to see what they do to remain viable in the business of journalism.

You can write about online, television, or print journalism. You can reviews newspapers, magazines, or celebrity rags for your paper. Journalism is a vast and ever changing field with ample opportunity for a fresh and innovative journalism dissertation topic.