Good Thesis Writing Prompts: Providing Background Information

When you are given a thesis writing prompt, you need to take several steps in order to get the job done well. Like all thesis prompts, you need to develop a stance and support it with well-researched evidence. The process of writing a thesis is quite similar to that of any other essay.

Include Background Information in the Introduction

The beginning of each thesis involves including substantial background information. The introduction is one place where background information is important. After you start with a unique hook, you will need to provide enough necessary background so the reader has some enough knowledge to begin understanding the topic. In too many cases, students do not provide background information at all, which leaves the reader without the desire to keep reading. Your background information can provide the bridge between the hook and the position statement that will control your thesis project.

General Knowledge vs. Cited Knowledge

Background information can involve general knowledge as well as properly cited information. The general rule between the two types of knowledge should be based on what you know. If you think that the background information is known by the majority of people, then the information does not need to be documented. However, if the information is somewhat obscure, then citations are necessary. You should be sure to follow the proper style when you do cite the sources both in the paper itself as well as in the bibliography.

Read Sample Theses to Learn Where to Put Your Background Information

For many students the thesis is the most important paper of your master’s degree. When you only write one thesis at the end of your master’s degree program, it can be challenging to write it well. It is a good idea to read other students’ theses so you can have a good idea how to include the background information as well as the evidence that will help you support your position. The more that you read, the better your own project will be. Interestingly, the background information that you provide will show the reader your personality and your interests, much more so than the evidence that you find to support your ideas. One of the best parts of being able to include background information is that you are able to include knowledge that you have known for many years. Your reader will immediate recognize this comfort.