Completing Your Dissertation With Flying Colors


You have spent years working on your dissertation and you are almost home free.  The last part of this is defending your work in front of a group of your peers.  This can be nerve-wracking because your degree depends on this presentation. 

Tips for Your Presentation

You want to make sure that you prepare for any questions that you might be asked during the presentation.  This will lower your stress because then you will be prepared for whatever they throw at you.

  • Even though you are prepared to answer the questions, don’t do it in a hurry.  Take your time and listen to the speaker asking the question and think about it before you answer. 
  • Remember that some presentations are open to the public, so you want to be prepared for questions that you didn’t think someone would ask you. 
  • Your presentation should be flawless; you need to make sure there are not technical difficulties or errors in it.   Practice doing the presentation because this will eliminate any of these errors and give you a boost of confidence.
  • Sometimes technology fails, so make sure you have a hard copy and back up of your presentation. 
  • Your conclusion should have all of your findings and your explanation of the changes from the beginning till the end of your research.


You are on the home stretch of you dissertation, so be prepared but don’t over stress about it.  You did all the hard work, now you just have to present it.

  • Practice the presentation with other people.  This will prepare you for questions and they can give you feedback on how you can improve it. 
  • Keep you presentation simple, you don’t want a bunch of colors and picture to distract from your work.  You can use some of those to brighten your presentation but don’t go overboard. 
  • Stay confident during the presentation, but don’t act like you know everything on the subject.   This will make it go smoother and keep you from fumbling. 

A dissertation is a lot of hard work and you have gotten this far so you just need to bring it home.  The dissertation is your life’s work and you want to make sure that you do well on it.  It can be difficult but you just need to keep pushing until the task is complete and your reward it your degree.