What Should You Do to Make a Perfect Dissertation Topic?

In order to select the perfect dissertation topic you need to make sure the topic is something that not only relates to your field but also is something that you are passionate about. You need to make sure it is something that you can become an expert in and something that will keep your attention throughout the long and arduous process.

Remember that you will more than likely need to get your dissertation topic approved by your review committee or your advisor before you start your research. But that does not mean you cannot pick a handful of potential topics and conduct preliminary research before making the final selection. Pick the top few results and then search through some academic databases to see what literature exists on the topic. Make sure that the existing literature is sufficient enough to cover your topic. You also want to make sure that the existing literature supports your topic.

Purpose: This essay is going to build on an inquiry type of essay by making you look at a broader range of arguments instead of only viewing them individually. The inquiry essay may have worked to have you look at a debate through single arguments, this wants you to broaden that vision to include the entire conversation.

  • The focus is on a question here, not simply on a thesis.
  • The main ways that these essays are written have different effects in the end: One produces some immediacy and the other produces some more artistic and well-designed essays.
  • These types of essays are going to take the reader through the actions that you took as part of your research and what you thought about those actions. It will also address both the content oriented information and the rhetorical questions that you may have when considering the problem at hand.
  • These will help to consider the weak areas and the strong areas of solutions to a problem.
  • These are dialectical because they help to create engagement with the question at hand and help to synthesize the often-contrary ideas of the various sides of the argument.

These essays are written on a lot of subjects. Whatever you may choose, pick something that you have an interest in so that you can show the essay you write to readers and increase their own personal interest.