A List Of Most Interesting Philosophy Thesis Topics

The most incredible thing about philosophy is that you actually can apply it to everything you like. Choose the topic you are really into and create a fascinating thesis.

A list of most interesting philosophy thesis topics

Many students in liberal arts college are continuing to take philosophy courses. Learning about philosophy is a good way to learn about the decisions that people make and why they make them. The books and articles that are assigned in philosophy classes can be quite informative and spiritual, but since many philosophical ideas are interrelated, it can be challenging for students to create unique thesis topics.

Dig Deep Into Your Knowledge for Fantastic Topics

If you are having difficulty creating interesting philosophy topics for a thesis, you simply have to change the way you look at topic brainstorming. Too many students do not dig deep enough into the books they read or the films they watch to create topics that are new and special. They tend to pick topics that other people have already covered too many times. Some of the more interesting philosophy topics tend to revolve around life today, especially in pop culture.

Here are few topics that you can write about that are not so common:

  • Philosophy and the Gangster Rapper
  • Philosophy and the Country Music Superstar
  • Philosophy of the Leader Who Abuses His Power (it’s usually men)
  • Philosophy of the Leader Who Abuses HER Power
  • Philosophy and Amusement Parks
  • Philosophy and the Instant Replay Rules in Sports
  • Philosophy and Science Fiction Movies
  • Philosophy and the Young Adult Novel
  • Philosophy and Food Allergy Sufferers
  • Philosophy of a Tea Party Member
  • Philosophy of a Marathon Runner
  • Philosophy and the Thrift Shopper/Antiquer
  • Philosophy of Tattooing and Piercing
  • Bringing Ancient Philosophy into the Modern Era
  • How Accurate Were the Ancient Philosophers?
  • Philosophy of the Vegan
  • Philosophy of the Liberal Voter

Pick a Topic That You Love

When you choose a topic, you will need to look at the requirements of the thesis so you know exactly what your limitations are. Then, choose the philosophers that you need to explain and show how that philosophy applies to the topic you selected.

If you look at a topic that you love, you can often apply a philosophical theory to it. The best thesis projects are written about topics that students find fascinating. So, if you love to watch baseball, you could write about baseball and philosophy. That is the beauty of philosophy - it literally can be applied to any topic at any time. There is no need to worry about your topic, because there are so many good ones available.