How to Get Free Thesis Help Online: a List of Suggestions

Thesis writing takes skill and an understanding of certain concepts that it is possible to ignore at lower levels of academia. A course of thorough self study can lead to a better understanding of thesis writing and one of the best ways to begin this process is online. You can get help in thesis writing in any of the following ways:

  • Lurk around the academic writing forums
  • Forums allow people with similar interests to find each other and safely discuss them. Spend a little time on the academic writing fora just ‘listening’ to what others are saying. When you’re ready you can join the conversation and begin to pose questions for others to answer. These may give you some assistance in your own thesis writing.

  • Take a MOOC on academic writing
  • Massive Open Online Courseware allows people who have varying levels of access to higher education, equal access to some of the best in every field. Find a MOOC on academic writing and take it. This may end up being the thing that helps you understand how a thesis is written well enough to attempt your own.

  • Send a request out to everyone you know on social media
  • This idea is one that is only truly possible at this stage of human evolution. Ask a question to everyone you know and wait for the answers. You will get a few that sound crazy or cruel or just useless. Every now and then, however, you may find a pearl of wisdom that you did not expect. If you collect enough of these tips you will have a much easier time with your writing.

  • Seek out excellent sample theses
  • Excellent sample theses not only explain directly how your writing should be done, they provide a good point for comparison between your own work and that of the masters.

  • Find good templates
  • Quite similar to finding good examples of theses, finding a good template can quickly allow you to format your own work correctly. You can also use citation generating software to further enhance the quality of your own thesis. They make it easier to refer properly to every author whose work was used to produce your own.

Thesis help can be had for free online but it’s a good idea to get resources together ahead of time. The methods listed above tend to diminish in efficacy when combined with high doses of procrastination.