Master's Thesis Writing: Main Rules to Be Observed

In most Master’s programs, you will be asked to write a thesis. This is probably the most involved and difficult papers you will be asked to write to date. It is considered your trial at a publishable piece of writing. The point of having students write a Master’s thesis is to have them contribute a professional paper that can be used as an academic resource in the future by other students. It is your contribution to the knowledge pool.

Now that your blood pressure has been raised because you know the severity of the task that you are asked to accomplish, let’s look at the main rules to be observed.

  1. Think about the theories or questions that have found an interest in over the years. This will help you determine a topic that you can submit to the board. If this subject is approved, you are good to get started.
  2. The style that your paper is written in is very important. There are certain style requirements that must be followed for different schools. Two of the most used styles are the APA formatting style and the MLA style.
  3. You will be required to write a literature review on the sources that you will be using for your thesis. This will help your instructor and the board determine if the sources that you are choosing will be enough to thoroughly prove your point.
  4. Proper citation of resources is very important. You will be required to cite sources to back up your claims. Giving proper credit for this information is extremely important. The sources need to be cited in the right format depending on which style you are required to use. Make a habit of compiling this information in the proper format as you go so that you have all of the information that you need in one place.
  5. A bibliography and footnotes will need to be included in your paper. That is where your proper citations will come in handy.
  6. Make sure to properly proofread your paper. Some colleges will dock you a lot of points or not accept a paper with a lot of typographical errors.

By following these rules, you will be on the right track to mastering your Master’s thesis. Be sure to give yourself enough time to properly write your paper and do not procrastinate.