How to Obtain Thesis Examples for Free: Vital Advice

You will be doing yourself and your thesis a favor by going through some examples. The best methods of learning and teaching involve examples for a reason. Human beings are adept at learning from experience and imitation; instructions also work better when they come with illustrations. When looking for example theses and other academic writings, you may end up frustrated if you are not systematic. To perform a systematic search for examples try the following.

  1. Talk to someone experienced: a teacher or instructor can guide you to the right source. They might even have a good sample or two in their records. This will not only get you a good example of a thesis, but also open the doors for discussion about your project. Suggestions and tips from an experienced academic go a long way in making your thesis a success.
  2. Call some friends and colleagues: Your friend, colleagues, and classmates are the next best source of information. If they do not have a good example on them, they can at least point you in the direction of a resource they have used in the past. Friends and colleagues are also your source of support and discussion. You can brainstorm and develop ideas with them. Ask them to be your soundboard while you bounce around your ideas.
  3. Archives and Libraries: Your campus and local libraries are treasures of the written word. You can find example theses and other relevant documents, such as original researches, papers, and academic journals from libraries. Your college or University archives are another place worth looking into. Ask the librarian to help you find some relevant theses that you can use as examples.
  4. Online Databases and Libraries: Online databases are a godsend for all students and scholars doing research. There are all kinds of academic works digitally saved on these databases. You can find amazing examples from the comfort of your room by clicking on the right links. Access to these databases and/or libraries is mostly public. There are certain areas of most databases that allow specialized access only. This means that you will have to be a student or alumni of the organization the database belongs to. Register at one of the online digital research databases to learn more.

The examples you find through these sources are bound to be better than ones you will “hit” through a simple search engine. If these methods do not really help, you can always contact a writing service for examples and other writing assistance.