Writing a Dissertation Proposal: Common Mistakes and Problem-Solvers

Your dissertation proposal should explain your choice of topic and the importance of your future research. Here are some things you should avoid:

  • Overused topic. Do not choose a dissertation topic that has already been discussed by too many students. Try to pick the one that truly interests you and that you feel you can provide an original piece of research on. A dissertation proposal with a unique topic is more likely to be approved.
  • Academically inappropriate sources. Do not use for your dissertation proposal anything you would not use for the main part of your thesis. Unauthentic resources may contain incorrect information, and it may cause factual mistakes in your proposal.
  • Ambiguity. Do not start writing your proposal until you have a clear idea of your research purpose and methods. Gather as much information on your subject as you can. If you do not know what you are writing about, it will be noticed by the academic staff and may result in rejection of your proposal.
  • Listing too much evidence. It is a common mistake to go too deep into detail in your proposal. Remember that you should focus on the most important features of your research study. Stay clear, concise, and up to the point.
  • Starting too late. Writing a dissertation proposal might not seem much difficult, so some students will put it off till the last moment. However, it is better to give yourself enough time and not rush through it. Although your proposal is rather a small paper, it should be extremely accurate and persuasive. The future of your dissertation depends on it.
  • Minor errors. Too many grammar and spelling mistakes in your proposal can ruin the professional impression you are trying to create, so proofread carefully. Do not submit your proposal until you check it from beginning to end at least two or three times.

If you are unsure whether you can avoid all these pitfalls on your own, you may benefit from the help of other people. The best problem-solvers for your dissertation proposal are:

  • Your supervisor. You can consult with him or her whenever you are in doubt about what and how you should write. This person is out to help you and, in most cases, is highly interested in the success of your dissertation.
  • Your colleagues who have completed their dissertations in related fields. They may give you valuable advice and feedback.
  • Writing services. You may hire a professional either to write your thesis proposal or to proofread the one written by you. Just be careful to choose a reliable company.