How to write a Dissertation Abstract

Before you can tackle your dissertation paper, you need to compose an abstract, which is essentially a description of your dissertation paper before it is written. This abstract will be reviewed and critiqued by an examiner on the faculty, they will determine whether or not you dissertation needs to be revised or if the content in your abstract is strong enough to pursue as a full-scale dissertation document. For this reason completing an abstract can be extremely beneficial to the writing process, it should actually save you time and prevent you from working hard on an impossible dissertation topic.

What is Included in An Abstract

Within your abstract you must include a summary of your thesis and a collection of resource materials that you intent to investigate. Occasionally you also may need to propose an experiment or project that will help you to conclude your final observations.

Not only should your abstract introduce the concepts that you intend to examine within your dissertation but it should also reveal a draft of your hypothesis. It should also stand alone as properly formatted written paper, which describes your dissertation. This is important because it means that your abstract will also demonstrate whether or not you are ready to take on a project of this significance. You may be asked to write an argument in your defense explaining why you believe that your dissertation is an important piece of research.

Getting Results With Your Abstract

Many students do not succeed with their first abstract, and need to go back and revise it before the faculty accepts it. The reason why this is so common is because the purpose of the abstract is missed.

Try to think of your final abstract as an accompanying summary of your future dissertation. These two pieces of writing should go hand in hand as a short and long-scale version of the same report. The preliminary abstract that you write should remark the same results that you intend to achieve with your dissertation. It must also include results and critical insights regarding your dissertation topic. Once your dissertation is complete the abstract will be used as a summary of the larger document.

It may be a lot to take in but the abstract is the first stepping-stone to your final publication. Consider your approach carefully and tackle your abstract with the same energy that you will later invest into your dissertation.