A List Of Original Nursing Dissertation Topics To Explore

The dissertation is the most important part of the university for medical students. Now-a-days, nursing is another study sector designed to serve the people closely. Every student in the university has to submit their thesis/dissertation papers for their degree. But, they always feel difficulty in selecting the highly recommended topics to attract the committee. It is very crucial aspect of their degree. Hence, the students need to be careful while selecting topics. The base of the topics of nursing dissertation is generally the nursing theories as well as the models that are helpful in decision making in clinical trials.

Here are some of the nursing topics:

  • How nursing theories are helpful in decision making in the clinical trials.
  • What is the holistic practice of nursing and its practice with the help of the McGill Model of Nursing
  • The Neuman systems model and how it is helpful in the deciding the nursing interventions regarding public health.
  • How efficient is the conceptual model of nursing
  • What is the importance of reflection in the nursing practice as well as nursing theory
  • What are the perspective of different nursing theories and how they are helpful in nursing practices
  • The application of the Ropar Logan Tierney model in the nursing practice and how it helps in case there is some emergency situation.
  • What is the best nursing model that every student should follow
  • How Ropan Logan Tierney Model can be applied in the case of treatment and taking proper care of the psychiatric patients
  • The problem of shortage of nurses and how to tackle this problem.
  • How much stress even the experienced nurses face in their career
  • How to fight with the breast cancer
  • The role of nurses in the treatment of mentally disabled patients
  • What should be the work ethics of nurses

The above is the list of some of the topics that you can use for nursing dissertation. Always keep in mind that the selection of right topic is very important for getting success in writing. It is like half work done. You can always search for more topics online. It is also advisable that you should take the approval of supervisor before starting to work on the topic. This way you will be assured that you are moving in the right direction.