Do My Paper- Who Can Help Me Out Offline?

We all know there are sites where you can either buy a pre-written paper or hire a professional academic writing service to get your paper done. However, not everyone is comfortable forking over their hard earned money to someone who may or may not screw up their paper. With so many stories about being scammed it is no shock that some turn from online to offline sources to get help with their papers.

One things needs to be made clear though, it is very hard to find someone offline to actually “do” your paper for you. Of course money talks but even then some people are reluctant to actually do it versus just helping and giving pointers. Here are some options to look into if you want help offline with your paper.

College Writing Centers

Colleges have writing centers that can assist you with the paper writing process. They will not do the paper for you; instead they will answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction. Due to the number of students seeking help please keep in mind that time can be limited. You may only be able to go to the writing center once or twice per assignment so make sure you are prepared when you go. Also, keep in mind that right before midterm and finals it may be difficult to even get a slot in the center.


Consider placing an ad on Craigslist that you are looking to hire someone to do your paper for you. Set a reasonable rate and make sure whoever you hire has the proper credentials. You don’t want to pay for an A paper and have someone who failed English. You can also browse the educational section under employment to see if anyone is offering their services as well. Lastly, consider heading to the barter section and offer something in return. That way you are not technically paying for your paper.


All students are looking to make some extra cash these days. You can talk to fellow students to get a feel for who you may be able to approach with a proposition. Keep in mind though that while they may seem open to the idea they can still go to your professor and turn you in. Check the boards around campus also to see if anyone is offering their services.

As you can see there are many options to finding someone offline to do your paper. Take your time and explore the different options to find your best fit.