PhD Thesis Writing Hints: Formatting Bibliography

When writing a PhD thesis the formatting of the paper is very important. The proper formatting ensures that your paper is not only easy to read but also one that is flowing and accurate in information. Each section of the thesis will take on its own formatting style that you should follow. Here we will take a look at the Bibliography and determine the proper formatting style that should be followed.

What is the Bibliography?

The Bibliography is the section of the paper that records the sources that you’ve used to site information in your paper. If you have used a source in the essay paper then it should be listed here. It is important that this section of the paper be included. Use only credible sources of information for the thesis, and only cite those references in this section. How should it be formatted?

Formatting your Bibliography

Social Sciences PhD thesis should use APA style citation while those who are writing papers about Literature or other subjects should instead use the MLA writing style. Keep in mind that this is important to also read the instructions provided by the professor. Although this is standard rules he may have different ideas for your paper. In text citations should be used for the APA style paper while quote should be in text using MLA writing style. This applies only to short quotes that are 40 words or less in length.

When you are including citations in the PhD thesis you should include the Author name first, after the book title. The first letter of the title is the only section that must be capitalized. The same format should be followed when citing magazine articles. When using the internet and websites for information make sure the web address is the very last thing that you mention in the citation before you list the information.

More Information

For more information on the right way to structure your citations for the Bibliography you should ask your professor. Web services are also available. If you are gathering information via the web ensure that you use only credible sites. Not all websites will provide accurate information. You should also use textbooks to help you with the information that you need. finally writing services are available to provide you more information or to complete the entire paper for you for a small fee.