Choosing Economics Dissertation Battlefield - Micro or Marco

When it comes to understanding which option is best for your economics dissertation, there are a few basic elements to have in mind while making your decision. A formal assignment such as a dissertation may require a lot of information when it comes to explaining or supporting arguments and main ideas. This means you may need to take some time in considering which option will give you the content you need.

Consider Differences in Micro and Macro Economics

Microeconomics reviews smaller concepts related to economic development such as how consumers make decisions regarding money matters, growth of a certain market, or how individual markets are being regulated by government bodies. Macroeconomics relates to larger aspects of economics such as interest rate determination, fiscal policies in relation to the health of the economy, ups and downs of economic growth and taxes.

In considering their differences you can review their relationships and how they affect various aspects of production, consumption and other consumer choices made by individuals and/or particular markets. Many people are familiar with macro concepts because they are widely discussed in media outlets such as television and newspapers. Many larger economic aspects are known to have a ripple effect that eventually affects smaller or micro concepts.

What to Think about When Making Your Final Choice

Do you want to present details that help provide a better understanding in relation to the big picture or provide further insight on a smaller concept? Where do you see your interests in connection with micro and macro concepts? Some students may think macro concepts are complex and may require more time in further understanding them. If you are up for a challenge or want to further explore a larger concept, than macro may be the way to go. If you feel you have a better understanding related to smaller economic concepts or feel you can provide better insight on something that affects a certain group of consumers, then a micro concepts could be more suitable.

Your interests may lean you toward which aspect to write about in general. Once you choose which side you want then you can consider your topic, or the other way around depending on which angle you intend to present your findings. It often helps to choose something you want others to learn about or pay attention to since both micro and macro concepts are explored together to understand them fully.