Interesting Dissertation Writing Prompts

Dissertation writing prompts will vary – but let’s face it some of them are more interesting than others. Yet at any rate, rather than being faced with writer’s block or a blank page, you may find it beneficial to use writing prompts to encourage you to think of a dissertation topic. Consider that the sooner you choose a topic, the sooner you can begin your dissertation. Therefore, we have created a list of four interesting dissertation writing prompts:

If you were given the task of describing yourself with one quote, what quote would it be?

This is an interesting dissertation writing prompt because not only do you choose a quote, but then you must explain why you chose it. This could be very difficult for many students because it’s not only tough to choose the perfect suitable quote, but also dissertations tend to be lengthy writing assignments; thus leaving many finding it hard to reach the word count describing something like this.

Pick a moral dilemma and explain what you would do in the situation.

Choosing a moral dilemma is interesting because there are so many topics and ideas that a prompt like this can evoke. For example, you see someone stealing from a local store, or you know for a fact that someone cheated on an exam – what would you do? The most important thing about using this prompt is that you effectively explain why you would choose to do what you say.

Find something that you do well and create a how-to-manual for others.

This is a good prompt because it can give lots of ideas. For example, people can write on topics like:

  • How to change a flat tire
  • How to play the piano
  • How to string a guitar
  • How to groom a dog

Once you figure out what you are good at all you have to do is describe every step of the process in detail. Just make sure you use the present tense and focus on showing someone else how to do what is that you’re doing.

If you founded a university or college what topics of study would be mandatory for all students and why?

This is an interesting dissertation writing prompt because it’s not something that many students would think about regularly. In fact, this thought may never cross the mind of many students. However, when given this task it’s interesting to see what students come up with because everyone has different priorities and values.

In the end, it’s hard for some students to come up with topics for their dissertation without help. One of the most effective tools that such students will find useful is writing prompts. There are many interesting dissertation writing prompts out there, keep looking until you find the perfect one for you!