Undergraduate Dissertation - How Is It Different From The Master's Or PhD?

There are a lot of students confused by all this terminology: bachelor, master, PhD, dissertation, thesis, graduate or undergraduate…that’s a lot to remember! Here is an easy way to differentiate a dissertation:

  • Undergraduate dissertations are more like long research projects. They use the knowledge you’ve gained in your degree to show you can solve problems that have already been solved.
  • Masters dissertations are in between undergrad and PhD. They are a bit more technical and thought out. It will show a higher level of independent work than the undergraduate will. They also use knowledge you learned in classes towards solving an already solved problem.
  • PhD dissertations are a lot more technical, and more is required of them. You are using your knowledge to solve problems that have not yet been solved. Here you are extending the knowledge in your field, not just using it but building upon it and improving it for future students.

Now that you know the major differences, how do you go about writing an undergraduate dissertation? That’s an easy question to answer. There are a few key things about dissertations in general that can help you. The first is that you need to keep your research in an organized, professional manner. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll end up just making more work for yourself in the end. Making sure that you can have all the information you need at your fingertips will greatly increase your proficiency.

How to Edit my Undergraduate Dissertation

Now that you’ve written it, your dissertation needs to be polished and perfected. There’s no such thing as a perfect first draft. Even if you’re a great writer, everyone needs an editor. To start, reread through your entire dissertation and see if there’s any major errors you missed. Now you’re going to want to give your dissertation to someone you trust for a second opinion.

This isn’t optional. Think about it this way: you are the one who wrote the dissertation, so your brain will automatically fill in missing words or you’ll think what you meant instead of what you actually wrote. A second party can help immensely because they are reading it for the first time and are in a much better position to spot errors. Use a few close people that you trust for their honest opinions.