A List of Great Visual Merchandizing Dissertation Ideas

Besides being an integral part of marketing campaigns of almost every brand under the sun, visual merchandizing is also a topic with an immense range of possibilities in dissertation. Management scholars are often asked to write dissertations on the subject. Oftentimes, the unfamiliarity with the dissertation format leads to complications in going about the paper.

List of Dissertation Ideas

In order to create an impactful essay, it is necessary to make the right choices as far in the central idea of the visual merchandising dissertation is concerned. Here is a list of some moving ideas on visual merchandising.

  1. The effects of visual merchandising on the impulse category of products
  2. The role of visual merchandising in creating the necessary impulse for non-impulse products
  3. A paper on the way visual merchandising has shaped the garments industry
  4. The importance of effective and unique visual merchandising adopted by leading brands
  5. The way visual merchandising is expected to shape the alternative clothing industry in the future
  6. Common beliefs and myths surrounding visual merchandising in the toy industry
  7. The products and categories that are independent on visual merchandising
  8. The chances of a new business doing well without visual merchandising
  9. A dissertation on the number of ways visual merchandising can help rebrand a business
  10. Visual merchandising – mere display orientation or an act of rebranding
  11. The impact on visual merchandising in the jewelry business
  12. The influence visual merchandising of malls on other small stores
  13. The way digitization is shaping up visual merchandising
  14. A dissertation on the demographic influence of visual merchandising
  15. The concept of virtual visual merchandising and varied profit equations

Impetus on Sales

The sole objective of any visual merchandising campaign should be to boost the sales of an organization. Naturally, this also becomes an important part of the essay you construct on visual merchandising. There can be several angles that you may be able to introduce in the essay merely through the introduction of the sales pitch.

A Brief on the Profit Equation

With sales, profits become inevitable. Any paper on visual merchandising will need you to make a few direct and indirect assumptions on the profit equation. In actuality, most store owners do not subscribe to a module unless they are convinced of the success of a particular campaign on visual merchandising.

In fact, you should also include the vital business statistics that a particular visual merchandising strategy can lead someone into. Only then, the paper can present effectiveness for the readers.