How To Write The Best Dissertation Acknowledgements: Basic Tips To Remember

Acknowledgements are a good way to thank the people once you are ready to publish your work. This tricky piece of writing should hold a formal tone. Have a gracious style while thanking the people whether it is regarding writing your academic acknowledgements, personal or professional acknowledgements, pubic thanks or other forms of writing.

You can write your acknowledgement in following ways -

  • Follow an appropriate form and tone of writing: It can be either in the form of a fluid paragraph or in the form of list. Based on your preferences, you can address the tone and form individually or personally in your acknowledgement. Apart from that, some people do not want to emphasize anybody’s help paying extra attention and hence manages their acknowledgement in an alphabetical order.
  • Start your acknowledgement with the most valuable person first: Thesis advisor or your own professor who oversees your project should be addressed first. Followed by that you should write the name of other members of the committee or supervising academics who have contributed directly in your project.
  • List the names of all the helpers: The role of each and every members is significant and absence of a single one can exaggerate and make the research process cumbersome creating lots of physical and mental stress. This list includes the names of lab assistants or anyone who have assisted you with coursework. If you feel that the contribution of your classmates have been significant, prepare an appropriate Thank you category for them.
  • Address financial assistance too: Acknowledge all the foundations or financial groups who have offered their grants to you in the form of fellowship or scholarship of University. Address them by name or by creating a list of their personal contacts.
  • Acknowledge all the emotional supporters at the end: Acknowledgement stays incomplete without all those who have supported you personally or in emotional terms. Mention the names of your parents, all your partners, friends, acquaintances who have been with you throughout the journey of project. Please keep romantic declarations out of it.
  • Avoid overtly personal anecdotes and jokes in the acknowledgement: If you still want to mention their names, write their names in gracious manner.

Be sincere and creative in your literary writing if you can, otherwise a formal tone is fine. Double check your proof list if you have left the name of someone by chance. Check the spellings of all the names. Remember, though acknowledgement is written at end but is an important piece of writing.