Dissertation Database: What Is It And How To Use It

What happens to dissertations after they are completed? Some will end up in journals, some might be printed and placed on a shelf in the college library. Some might not go anywhere special at all. But, nearly all of them end up in the dissertation database. This is an enormous database of nearly every dissertation ever written. The database has been collecting dissertations since the last 19th century. This database of student research contains over 2 million individual dissertations as well as master’s theses. The dissertation database is a useful tool for students working on their own dissertations, but it is also helpful for any student, even those in high school who are looking for well-documented sources for their essays, too.

Search the Dissertation Database for Topic Ideas and Timelines

A dissertation database can be searched by topic, so if you are looking for a paper written about food safety, you simply need to search with those terms. You should be able to find the topic you want and be able to properly site the source in your essay or research paper. Along with looking for a specific topic, you can also look by date. This is a helpful tool if you are looking for information to create a timeline. The database is usually offered by colleges for the use of their students. The database is often password protected in order to earn profits for maintaining the database. Since colleges keep close tabs on the dissertation database, you can also look for the papers by college, student last name, and location.

Use the Dissertation Database for Samples and Sources

Since most students only write one dissertation during their school careers, it is helpful to see sample dissertations. Students can also check the database to see if someone has already written a dissertation on the same topic. The database is helpful to use for ideas when students start to lose their focus, too. The dissertation database is already loaded with excellent sources on so many topics so the database itself is useful during research. It is also possible to cite the dissertations when sources are needed, especially on papers that cover similar topics from different angles. The database can be used by professors and teachers of all levels to show good persuasive writing with strong sources. Using the database opens up many possibilities for any academic writing needs.