Management Thesis Writing Prompts

Are you enrolled in a Management or Business related graduate program, and need help thinking of a compelling Managements thesis statement? It is okay; there is help to get your brain moving in the right direction. It is a challenge to think of a properly constructed thesis statement off of the top of your head without anything to prompt your thought process or get you going. It is especially hard due to the specific guidelines that a thesis statement must follow in order to be correctly constructed. A properly written thesis statement should include the following:

  • Address subject matter on which reasonable people could disagree
  • Take on a topic that can be supported with facts, and findings
  • Express one main central idea
  • Present your conclusions about the specific subject from your clinical research
  • Make an argument

If your Management thesis does not follow these specific guidelines then it is not actually a thesis statement. Some of the most intelligent people in the world need a prompt in order to get their minds working in the right way. Therefore, when you are trying to think of the best thesis statement to center your thesis paper around, you should start by considering your experiences during your clinical work. Some prompts to get your mind moving in the right direction include:

  • What did you notice happening as a trend in the corporate world?
  • What elements of business impacted the management process?
  • What positive or negative impacts did customer concerns have on the daily routine of the office?
  • How did management processes impact the lives of other employees?
  • What general feedback did your peers, colleagues, and customers have about managerial procedures?

These are all great questions to ask yourself and apply to your clinical research. If there were patterns that produced overwhelming positive or negative results, then they may just be worth writing about in your thesis paper. If you have a trend appearing between your clinical experiences then that could spawn a great thesis topic. The best part about creating a unique thesis statement is that it is your presentation of the most important findings of your clinical experiences. No one else in the world has experienced your same clinical research, with the same people, at the same companies at the same time. This is a completely new, and unique research that is groundbreaking no matter what argument you choose to make.