PhD Dissertation Topics and Who Can Provide Me with Them

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is at the same time the most important academic choice you can make and also the most difficult. Your dissertation is the first major research piece you’ll be known for, and provides an important product that will be scrutinized by future colleagues when you are applying for jobs or positions.

It can definitely be pretty overwhelming, and there are pitfalls along the way. Following the advice of someone who has been there before can be very enlightening and useful. If writing the dissertation wasn’t a big enough job in itself, actually choosing the topic in the first place is where most prospective PhD students get stuck.

First of all, this article will outline some steps that can help you to come up with your own dissertation topic. Next, it will provide you with some ideas of who can provide you with some topics to choose from.

Formulating your own dissertation topic

  1. Find a gap in the research within the general area you are interested in. Your dissertation topic must be unique but can be closely related to something that’s already been done. You need to put a new twist on it. Inspect it from a different angle. Change the methodology. Look for a different solution to an existing problem.
  2. Think of both qualitative and quantitative results and how they could be integrated into the topic and methodology you wish to use. The methods you intend to use should match with the theory. Look at it from all angles and make sure it could work.
  3. Your dissertation question shouldn’t have a simple “yes” or “no” answer. This would be too one-dimensional to analyze within the scope and context of a PhD dissertation paper.
  4. You should have more justification for choosing your topic than just “no one has done this particular research before.” That by itself is a rather lame reason. There must be some passion in there, some application of the solution, some substantial reason for doing the research.

Where to obtain good PhD dissertation topics

Because there is some background research to do in choosing relevant PhD dissertation topics, you shouldn’t trust an amateur to do this for you. Someone who has gone through the process before, written the PhD, and been a successful candidate, is a good source for PhD topics.

The best place to access this kind of expertise is through a professional online writing company that specializes in dissertations and can supply you with dissertation topic ideas for a reasonable price.