A List Of 23 Original Dissertation Topics In Sociology

A dissertation is a final year project. It is quite an important part of your academic career so you have to do it quite carefully and with a lot of patience. Nothing can go wrong in this project as the credibility of your entire future depends on this thousand page research work that you will be doing on a particular topic.

The main idea of a dissertation is to forecast the things that you have learnt during the college tenure and the way you can take responsibility of your work and how organized can you be in its execution. This helps to analyse the student completely form his choice of subject to the depth he has researched about it. Whether the topic is of sociology or psychology or even literature, the grasp on the language should be strong else you cannot come up with a decent well-structured dissertation.

23 Sociology dissertation topics

  • Marx’s conflict theory, discuss the validity and the application of it in the modern world.

  • The application of Webber’s theory of rationalism in countries like U.K.

  • Changing trends of the cultural hypocrisies in U.K. and U.S.A.

  • Compare and contrast the popular culture of U.K. and U.S.A.

  • The impacts of cultural invasion throughout the world.

  • Cultural apathy in U.K. and U.S.A.

  • Different sub cultures that are present in U.K. and U.S.A, describe on the basis of geographical location.

  • A process model of arresting of homeless women.

  • Sins of parents impact the children. Yes or no?

  • Adolescence depressive mentalities can harm the future.

  • A discussion on the idea of motherhood from American and Hispanic women who doesn’t have children.

  • The topic of Stigma management.

  • The difference created on the basis of gender still perceives to be a problem of the third world country.

  • The distress of abortion and the necessities to do it sometimes.

  • Race and gender difference remains the most significant threat for the whole world.

  • The separation from caretakers in the adolescence and the effects on mentality due to it.

  • Marital satisfaction to parenthood: a journey of change.

  • Educational difference in countries around the world and the effect of it on the students.

  • The complexity associated with live in relationship. Boons and ill effects.

  • Is world becoming more aware of environmental degradation day by day?

  • Motherhood and satisfaction associated with it.

  • The distress of working class and the hardship they still face throughout the world.

  • Religious orthodoxies are still considered as the basis of many Islamic countries. Good or bad?