Great topic ideas for your dissertation proposal

Before you begin to write your dissertation, you need to write a proposal to get your dissertation idea approved. Everyone knows that writing a dissertation is one of the most difficult tasks that any student can do, but many people do not realize that deciding on a topic presents an entirely different set of challenges. When you write a dissertation, you could spend years working on it, so your topic choice needs to be something you can live with for those years. If you are having difficulty simply choosing a topic, know that you are not alone. Here a few suggestions for choosing a topic for your dissertation proposal:

Pick a broad topic: You need to have a general idea of what you would like to know when it comes to writing your dissertation. If you are working on a psychology degree, then you should know if you want to write about child psychology, death and dying, or educational psychology. Once you have a broad topic, then you will have an easier time narrowing your choices.

Fill the need: The best topic is the one that you feel passionate about so it fills your need to solve a current problem. Since a dissertation does teach a lesson, solve a problem, or analyze a solution, you should choose something that you feel needs to be investigated. If you choose a topic that you do not care about, your attitude will show in your writing. It will also show in the proposal and you might have your idea rejected.

Don’t worry about cliches: At this point, you do not have to worry about choosing a topic that is cliche. Your topic will be narrowed at some point, so if you feel like you want to further investigate the effects of childhood neglect on brain development, start there. You can always make changes and narrow the topic down to make it more timely.

Investigate other topics: Your educational institution will have a bank of dissertations that you will be able to read. Find the topics that you are interested in and read through them while looking for ways that you can take them on another line of thought. When you are looking through the topics, do not let anything get past you because you might miss a topic that looks intriguing. Keep a good record of your favorites and build a topic from there.