Writing An Effective Thesis: Essential Things To Remember

Research papers are always written with a hypothesis in mind. The purpose of a research is to prove or disprove a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a factual statement. Defining the hypotheses, although done at the beginning of the process, is essentially part of preparing a research paper. According to the Common Body of Knowledge, there are some basic features that are required for a good quality research paper. They are given below.

  1. Hypotheses: Hypotheses, as mentioned earlier, is a one sentence factual statement. By its very nature, a hypothesis is an assumption based on very little evidence.

  2. Introduction: This part of the research paper provides circumstantial evidence by walking the reader through on how the hypotheses came into being.

  3. Literature review: An analysis of any past work, both conclusive and inconclusive, done by fellow researchers should be included in this section of a research paper.

  4. Methodology: A very detailed explanation of the methodology used to conduct research, gather facts, and compute figures using statistics goes into this section.

  5. Survey results: Most researchers use the survey as a research tool to find out both qualitative and quantitative information. The sample size and findings of those surveys should be added in this section.

  6. Limitations: No research is comprehensive or complete by itself. Limitations such as improper representation of the sample, the manner in which the surveys were conducted or the inability to obtain certain much-needed information form the bulk of this section.

  7. Disclosures: Conflicts of interest involving any one or more of the authors or any other disclosures are part of a subjective research paper. This also eliminates bias to a large extent.

  8. Disclaimers: Anything that the authors think the reader should or might want to know to enhance the understanding of the research problem may be found in this area.

  9. Findings: Finally the core finding of the primary research done has to be written here in great detail because most readers go through this section thoroughly.

  10. Conclusions: It is the mark of a well-written research paper to wrap up the research paper with conclusive remarks from the authors. Any relevant future work that the authors intend to do can also be briefly mentioned here.

So to wrap up and conclude this part of the article a research paper starts with an assumption based on very little evidence, goes about on a fact-finding mission to find out the truth and presents the findings.