How to write a good dissertation: planning your schedule

Dissertation is an academic task. Usually the writer is asked himself or herself to choose or make a topic for their research. You have to plan your investigation related to your topic and execute it efficiently. Once your research is done, write down what you did and what your findings were related to the topic. Make sure to write them in your own words.

Following are the important steps to the making of a dissertation:

  • Choose a topic
  • You are supposed to develop a research question
  • You require to do effective planning related to your topic
  • Be very organized when you are conducting your research.
  • Keep your research reported.

You will only be well able to Do all these steps spot on can only be done when you have created a perfect research plan

Taking up the task of writing a dissertation is not a piece of cake. It is an extended project and it demands time so a variety of tasks can be done effectively. Some higher institutes keep this task at the end while others have it side by side with the other courses. Despite of timing or where you stand in your academic career it is important that you allocate time in such a manner that you can execute your plan so you can have your task completed on time.

It will add to your benefit if you work out how many weeks or days you have until you have to submit your dissertation. Exclude those weeks or days where you know that you won’t be able to work in. allocate your work in such a manner that you are able to do all the tasks you have assigned yourself in that time period.

Do not keep exaggerated goals. Be realistic about how long each task would take and give you that edge. It would be best to do each task on its time rather than piling it up and pressurizing yourself in the end. Working and concentrating on your planning can save you time from being wasted. Make a list of all the resources you think would be helpful for each task. It would narrow down your research area to one particular path.

Review and adjust your plan as you progress. As you conduct more research around your topic of interest, your plan may shift. In addition, it is better to shift it when you see the need of it rather than waiting for later